A dip among small water gems, the swimming pool amid comfort and exclusive charm.   Diving into water is a ritual with age-old origins, which over time has taken on symbolic meaning tied to not just physical but also
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Mediterranean lifestyle, designing an oasis at home. The Maioliche series by Ceramica Valsecchia focuses on the charm of colour, marking the return to small sizes yet with the utmost graphic intensity, summing up
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It is time to come out in the open, taking advantage of the bonus for outdoor settings.   This year too, the refurbishment bonus has been confirmed; this concrete aid to carry out renovation work without too many worries
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The concrete look: industrial with a vintage soul Today more than yesterday, porcelain stoneware tiles have become the genuine star features of both in & outdoor domestic spaces: a ductile, hard-wearing and
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Cleaning Stoneware

Once the installation has been completed, it is essential to thoroughly clean the floor in order to eliminate residues of glue, grout or cement. If these residues are not removed immediately, a patina may form on the surface
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