A dip among small water gems, the swimming pool amid comfort and exclusive charm.


Diving into water is a ritual with age-old origins, which over time has taken on symbolic meaning tied to not just physical but also social well-being, always inspiring the collective imagination. A continuously changing “status symbol”, which today sees the swimming pool as an intrinsic project involving both the architecture and its surrounding context: in the garden, in a spa or hotel, the leitmotif is the rediscovery of physical and mental relaxation in an exclusive setting.

Swimming Pool Project by Ceramica Valsecchia approaches this issue with dynamism: a collection of for series (Crystal, Cross, Deep e Onyx) inspired by the elegance of the most prized marble varieties, in a palette of colours packed with the shades of the sea: from the deepest blue to the neutral tones of sand.

A contemporary interpretation of graphic features and geometric shapes illustrated in the small 15×15 size with the glossy finish helps the collection play the starring role in particular plays of light, mixes of colours in contact with water, which reveals unexpected transparencies, ensuring a highly prestigious result with a strong styling impact.

Ideal for cladding swimming pools, they are perfect for lending a touch of personal elegance with the utmost freedom of expression, thanks also to the superior technical performance levels of ceramic (durability, hygiene and practicality).

Indeed, porcelain stoneware is the perfect combination for design projects: while on the one hand it offers products at affordable prices and with a reduced environmental impact compared with natural raw materials, on the other it is capable of replicating the specific styling and tactile effects onto the surfaces with the utmost realism.



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