Mediterranean lifestyle,
designing an oasis at home.

The Maioliche series by Ceramica Valsecchia focuses on the charm of colour, marking the return to small sizes yet with the utmost graphic intensity, summing up Mediterranean lifestyle with its seaside atmospheres, sunshine, the fragrance of history and art.

The surfaces bear witness to the codes of traditional craftsmen which developed in Sicily, the beating heart of the Mediterranean, the cradle of stories which come together in a style that is recognised all over the world, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating charming atmospheres.

A refined taste which is reflected in the series’ dual chromatic soul: one features the warm and lively hues of ochre, honey and shades of blue and azure blue, while the other is more sophisticated and understated in black&white. Three plain coloured backgrounds (white, azure blue and grey) and twelve graphic patterns enhance the gleam of the polished surface in a journey among refined geometrical motifs and sinuous Arab-like decorations which have been reinvented thanks to innovative digital technology.

Colours and graphic variability are the leitmotif between past and future in a series that offers endless composition possibilities. Beside the traditional installations of individual subjects with a strong retro feel, ever-different creative solutions take shape by randomly arranging the various graphic motifs together, in a mix&match proposed by Ceramica Valsecchia in both the multi-coloured and monochrome versions.

The glazed porcelain stoneware Maioliche majolicas combine all the practicality of the technical properties (hard-wearing, hygienic, non-absorbent) with a unique colour experience, the ideal solution to add a touch of originality to your bathroom and kitchen. However, it is in the trendiest design projects that they express their outstanding evocative ability, blending in with unusual contexts: on a bedroom wall, as a carpet in an entrance hall or living room, to clad the counter in a café or barber shop.

A modern and versatile usage method which lends itself to reinventing all types of surface, turning it into a high-impact motif, conveying brightness, elegance and style.


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