The concrete look:
industrial with a vintage soul

Today more than yesterday,
porcelain stoneware tiles have become the genuine star features of both in & outdoor domestic spaces: a ductile, hard-wearing and high-performance material which lends itself to the most varied contaminations. Its technical qualities make it the material of choice in construction and architecture because it is designed to resist wear, atmospheric and chemical agents, retaining its beauty over time.

Among the stylistic trends which continue to be a great source of inspiration to architects and designers, the concrete look constitutes a post-industrial mood capable of conveying exclusive suggestions.

This trend has been fully embraced by Ceramica Valsecchia in its Recover series, a design element whose very essence lies in the flaws typically found in the raw material which have been specifically recreated on surfaces that are silky-smooth and strike the perfect balance between texture and chromatic variety.

The colour palette veers towards five neutral shades, which are genuine testimonials of the minimalist soul: from the colder hues of white, grey and dark, to the more enveloping tones of beige and taupe.

The understated colours of the Recover series is supported by a multitude of sizes: from the most fashionable 60×120 and 80×80 to the traditional 60×60 and 30×60, also available in the antislip finish to grant a harmonious continuity in in & outdoor projects.

A range of decorations comprising a classic mesh-mounted mosaic, hexagons and 3D diamonds makes room for creative interpretations through unprecedented combinations, stretching the concept of wall tiles not just to the bathroom and kitchen, but to the remainder of the home too.

A collection devised to intercept the metropolitan taste which introduces new expressive languages, spanning a multitude of intended uses: from a residential loft to a trendy restaurant, Recover is the ideal product to ensure your settings voice their unconventional charm.

Allow yourselves to be inspired by the RECOVER collection