It is time to come out in the open,
taking advantage of the bonus for outdoor settings.


This year too, the refurbishment bonus has been confirmed; this concrete aid to carry out renovation work without too many worries is a great opportunity to transform your outdoor areas into welcoming settings where you can enjoy their multi-functionality to the full.

There is a growing trend involving outdoor spaces at the heart of a green lifestyle, a focus on sustainable development which is being confirmed as a value which engineers, architects and designers are approaching to turn inspiration into well-balanced and harmonious projects.

A new living dimension that reduces barriers without forgoing comfort, expanding domestic atmospheres outside too.

The Barge porcelain stoneware series is perfectly at home in this context thanks to its excellent technical properties (superior resistance to atmospheric agents, abrasion, treading, slipping and frost) and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology capable of perfectly replicating the original material.

This result was achieved by Ceramica Valsecchia thanks to painstaking styling research, inspired by the most prized quartzites; a mixture of natural appeal and beauty proposed in two sizes with strong differences in shade transform the suggestions of “genuine” stone into ceramic material.

A wide variety of graphic effects, speckles and marked lines coexist on the surface, showing the bold personality and camouflaging abilities once the sun shines on them, when the warm hues, from beige to orange, weave together with the cold tones of whites and greys, recreating endless differences in shades, the expressive key of unique outdoor settings.

A relaxing open-air atmosphere that is functional and welcoming, to rediscover the fun of living in sync with nature.


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